A new addition to the family :)


Sooo….. My sister had her baby over the weekend!

So very excited for her (mostly because she was WAY over being pregnant).

She started having contractions about 3am friday morning, I took her to the hospital about 8am – it took me forever to convince her that it probably wasn’t false labor and we should get going – and I watched little Declan arrive by c-section around 5pm. I called my mom that morning before we left for the hospital (she was coming from Maryland) and she arrived about 7:30pm. Mommy and baby are both doing great. Shes in a little bit of pain because of the c-section but they’re both happy and very ready to come home. As you can see in the picture above, my little Kinsey-bug is very happy with her baby cousin, but Mommy (I) can not touch him or she throws herself into the floor crying… MAJOR tantrum. We’re going to work on that the next couple of days when Lauren gets home.

Oh yea, little Declan clocked in around 6lbs, 19in.

Another thing, later that night around 11:53pm, my cousin in Maryland had her little boy KJ. Funny how everyone was fighting to be a November baby.


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