Fall. let me tell you how in love I am with fall. I get so excited when you can “smell snow” in the air and the leaves start to change colors. I love apple cider. hah im starting to ramble now. err. Fall is my favorite season..period. Winter is too cold, spring is okay, but it has nothing on fall; and i hate summer, i prefer layers! and I absoloutely love that I can dress my munchkin in cute little hats and scarves, boots and a whole lotta other junk that she just tries to take off.

Also, both my daughter and I have birthdays in the month of Novemer. Her’s the 9th and mine the 29th. She was born ecactly 20 days before my 21st birthday. So I consider her my hero.

I call her my hero because she literally changed my life. Everyone knows that at 21 you can let loose and become a “legal” wild-child. Well I did plently of wild child things before I turned 21 so the 29th of November 2011 would have just been a doorway for me to become my own problem.

When people say that having children/ a baby, whatever, changes things it really does. Having a little girl that I am responsible for, that I have to take everywhere, that I have to make sure has food in her belly and clothes on her back at all times has really changed my life. It has opened my eyes to soo many things and really and truly given me purpose.

huh. imagine that.

I love fall. 😀