The Master Cleanse…Daunting ;)

Okay folks!

So I’ve been reading into the Master cleanse here lately, made popluar by Ms. Beyonce dropping major pounds for her role in Dream Girls. I’ve wanted to do it to help shed this baby weight that I’ve been hanging onto since I had Kinsey but  I’ve been skeptical about doing it because it is a very drastic diet.

Quick background: I’ve had headaches almost every day of my life for about the past 5 years EXCEPT during my pregnancy. During my pregnancy I can’t remember having a single headache.

Okay, so one of the major benefits of this cleanse is to detoxify your body and just become more mentally and spiritually aware of your body and apparently this cleanse helps you to appreciate it more. So, I’m thinking thats whats going to push me to do the cleanse. I need a motiviator to treat my body better. When I was pregnant I realized that I wasn’t important, I was growing a human being, a human being that need all of the healthiest and most nurtitious things that I could give her. So this is my push, this is my motiviation.

So let me give you a quick breakdown of the diet:

In the morning you are supposed to start with a liter of sea salt water. When you chug that down its supposed to get your body going, get it ready to release toxins, i.e. have a bowel movement. Then, throughout the day you are supposed to drink 6-12 glasses of this FRESH lemon juice/ maple syrup / cayenne pepper mix and in the evening taka a gentle laxative. Do this for 10 days and you will fell like a new person and somewhere around 10-15 lbs lighter.

So, I’m going to start this thing AFTER Thanksgiving this weekend and will post daily results/ comments, etc.

Wish me luck!